Autism Awareness Month : Webinar Resources for “Autism at Play”

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1 Sensory Integration articles and resources:
(from Children’s Disabilities Information)

2. Teaching Students with Sensory Impairments FF.pdf
Autism Research Institute:

3. Child Mind Institute: over-sensory-processing/

4. Activities: Brain Balance Achievement Centers: sensory-sensitivity/

5. OT Mom:
http://www.ot-mom- integration-activities.html

6. Includes Sensory diet for Proprioception and Vestibular Input:



1. Basic information: Corner/How-Autism-Affects- Communication.aspx

2. Nonverbal Communicators:

3. Autism Speaks: child-severely- disabled-autism

4. TEACCH: 2/nonverbal-thinking-communication-imitation- and-play- skills-with- some-things- to-remember

5. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA – Dr. Skinner/Dr. Lovaas):

6. New technology for those with paralysis or loss of speech:

7. A few resources of augmentative and alternative communication tech devices:



1. North Shore Pediatric Therapy Center (Chicago-based) Tactile Activity Ideas:

2. Tactile Hypersensitivity Activities:

3. Tactile Defensiveness:

4. Brushing caution:

5. Tactile Hyposensitivity:

6. Tactile Hyposensitivity:


1. Free Academic, Behavior and Social Emotional Support for Children

2. Classroom Structure:

3, First hand account of how structure helps lower anxiety:

4. Temple Grandin YouTube:



1. Dr. Stanley Greenspan – Floortime:

2. The TEACCH Method:

3. Dr. Ole Loovas: (Applied Behavioral Analysis)

4. Early Intervention Video Therapy Training (Communication) for Parents:

5. Temple Grandin’s Ted Talk:

6. Top Ten Inspirational People with Autism and Aspergers Syndrome:

7. Adult Individuals with Autism, Finances: